martes, 22 de abril de 2008

My First car XD

Hey I have good News!!!
My mom and I plan to buy a car next year, so we have to save money and pay any debt we had. But I was thinking about what kind of car I’d like to have. Of course I love trucks like Silverado or tracker, but my mom says that we don’t have enough money for those cars, so I need to find a smaller car, the problem is I don’t like models like atos or tsuru, even chevy, and because of that I started my guest in the internet. There I’ve read about some models that seem fit my needs, like Verna bye doge it has good standards of safety, it is really economic, and there’s a new sedan version that makes it pretty cute. Another one is the Ford Fiesta it has lots of advantages including what I’ve mentioned about Verna.
But now, where am I going to buy it? , I don’t trust in used cars but there are some agencies that has certificated used cars and it sounds fine for me, but I prefer a new one.
Whatever! If you have any suggest for me, I appreciate it.


Today I'm going to talk about the last book I read PEFUME that is the story of a murder. It relates the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille that is an unwanted Parisian who hasn’t personal scent and is rejected by others. He gets an extraordinary power to discern odors. He is a tanner and after work he explores the city, One day he smelled a divine and wonderful scent and he followed it, and he was shocked to find that the source of this beautiful scent is a young woman but he heats women so he killed her to get her scent, but when she death the divine odor evaporates so he dedicates his life to discovering the perfect scent.
He tried to preserved and he became apprenticed to a great perfumer, Grenoulle traveled to Montpelier where was an amateur scientist Marquis de La Taillade-Espinasse, there he creates a body odor for himself from the ingredients "cat shit, cheese, and vinegar", in the city of Grasse, Grenouille again was intoxicated by the scent of a young woman, Lauren and he planned kill her in two years, he started career of serial murder of beautiful virgins.
But Lauren’s father put the pieces together on the pattern of murders and realized that Lauren was going to be the next victim. He escaped with Lauren but Grenouille chased them and killed Lauren capturing her scent. He was apprehended and sentenced to death, but on the day of his execution he was wearing scent of Lauren, and he was pardoned for his crimes, and Lauren’s father even wants to adopt him. But the experience of the power has dissatisfied Grenouille, because he is not loved for himself, but yes for the perfume he created. He decided to return to Paris with thieves and murderers; they tear him to pieces and devour the remains of his body.

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Hello there! Today I’m going to talk about my social service. I’m doing it in the INM (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE MIGRACION) everyday I wake up around 7:00 am, too early!!! And it is not enough time to take a shower, breakfast, and make up. I can’t understand, whatever I don’t really like to be there 4 hours in which I work just 1 hour, you know…
The lunch, say hello, a coffee and obviously say good bye. In there I have to capture data and write on a book the document’s record.

The INM is a government office where the foreigners go to declare what are they doing in our country and for how long, there are some different kind of steps that a foreign have to do in order to keep their information in case of an alert with them.

On the other hand I’ve done some friends there. I already knew to Victor, who told me about the INM, and Grace, a friend that I invited to do the service with me. People that works there are really cool!!! So I’m glad to be there.

ok my friends see you next week,careful! ok and have lot of fun!!!!!!

martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

My first research***

This entry is dedicated to the teacher…

I’m starting a investigation about a personal opinion: “The abuse of idiomatic translation in texts that can be translated literally” ok, I’ve read and heard translations that are translated idiomatically I mean translators change some words and structures in order to emphasize the author’s intention or just to better its sound, but even though there so many texts that have a literal translation, the translators prefer the idiomatic one. And I think that is wrong because they are not the author, and their criterion is not enough for change a text, So I need some help to found a way to base my opinion.

My methodology’s teacher said me that I need to find some kind of texts and reject some others, and looking for theories that explain my opinion, actually a teacher said me there is a theory called Foreign. So I will be thankful of any help since it is my first investigation and I need opinions, ideas, rejects, etc…

Tomorrow I will go to the SAC I hope I can find additional information there, but unfortunately I don’t know where else I can go to do research so… I have to start soon!!! See you later…

sábado, 16 de febrero de 2008

Superstitions... I think that some superstitions are ridiculous because it is impossible for me to believe that I’m sentenced to 7 years of bad look just for a broken mirror, or think I shouldn’t pass under stairs (actually I can’t remember what is de consequence of that) whatever, But there some many beliefs are more convenient to me, like “ A frog brings good look about money” I can use it like a charm =) , But I neither believe in them, I think the mind is so strong that you can put that special power in them for help or destroy you.

I have a friend who thinks if she tells me her plans before they happen, they probably are going to stop working. My aunt and grandma usually buy grapes for the twelve chimes of Christmas. Both 2 R funny!!! Ahhhh and my boyfriend says that a desire will come true with a star lake.
In my case I think if you believe in superstitions they are going to happen. So I’m happy of being doubtful.

If you want to sill being worried
There are some very hilarious.

viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

How I spend my weekend...

My weekend starts on friday night, I usually go out to the beach with my boyfriend and friends. on saturaday morning I clean my room and whash the dirty clothes, and aruond 3:00 pm I finish and I prepaer a long bath, in the evening I go to the movies or shopping till I get starvin and go for the dinner, generally I come back home late at night and mom is already sleeping.

I love sunday because I just rest and watch few episodes of my favorite program or maybe sny movie and my boyfriend brings the breakfast!!!